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Few years ago, our desktop crashed (yes, some people still use desktops) and we needed someone to help us troubleshoot it. After a sad attempt to troubleshoot it ourselves we did what most of us would do. We googled for local computer technicians. We put in our request in one of the popular online yellow pages and waited for technicians to contact us. Within minutes several technicians contacted us and gave us their quotes. But there was no way to compare their services, skills, ratings and their quotes. Some demanded way too much money while others only gave us an estimate.

Later that day, when the technician arrived we were pleasantly surprised to learn that he was indeed a software engineer by the day, an aspiring entrepreneur and a talented musician. He was truly a inspiring, multi-skilled and smart person who was trying to find quality work. We thought of finding a better way for such truly smart people who are either looking for useful work or trying to make an extra income.

This made us think about all the great talent that often goes unnoticed. People whom we interact on a daily basis are uniquely gifted in many ways. Be it a musician, tutor, statistician, researcher, web-designer, care-giver, or a knowledgeable handyman we all know somebody. However, finding a good housekeeper, a reliable handyman or a good technician often seems a guessing game.

Our purpose therefore became to help talented individuals find quality work & jobs in order to grow professionally, enhance their skills & even to support themselves financially. Our mission statement is “getting projects done at a fair price by qualified, experienced and reliable professionals.